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The Phiquest Journey Advantage

Phiquest Journey leverages the innovative Customer-Centric Concurrent Innovation Process (C3IP) to incubate and evaluate 12 startup ideas simultaneously. We use cutting-edge AI technology to bring cost-efficiency, precision, and data-driven decision making to startup incubation. Investing with Phiquest Journey means diversifying risk, accessing a portfolio of highly promising ventures, and betting on a process designed to find and nurture success.

I'm thrilled to share an update on the development of Design Pro...studying your C3IP article, we were able to scale down the size of our project, to suit our current stage and funding. The response on the waitlist has been overwhelmingly positive, and we expect the waitlist to continue growing. I am grateful for your ongoing support and look forward to sharing more updates as we approach the app's launch.

– Emmanuel Don igwe, Founder, Design Pro

The Potential of Our 12-Pack Portfolio

By concurrently managing 12 startup ideas, Phiquest Journey offers the potential of high returns even if just one of the ventures strikes success. Our rigorous C3IP process ensures that only the most promising ideas make it to the MVP stage, enhancing the potential for successful outcomes.

AI Decisions

AI Quality

AI Human Resources

AI Sales Enablement

AI Product Launch

AI Cybersecurity

AI Cost Optimization

AI Supply Chain

AI Knowledge Management

AI DevOps

Why Phiquest Journey?

Each startup idea we incubate is a unique opportunity, a shot at success.

Instead of betting on a single idea, we take 12 shots at once, significantly increasing the chances of finding a winner.

Our approach is unique: If just one of our startup ideas hits the bullseye, you, the investor, win.

We utilize a rigorous selection process, empowered by AI technology.

This tech-driven process ensures only the most promising ideas reach the MVP stage.

Our method significantly enhances the likelihood of a successful outcome, offering a higher potential return on your investment.

Startup Investing in The Age of AI


Transparency and Collaboration

At Phiquest Journey, we disrupt the startup landscape with a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and customer-centricity, mitigating the typical risks associated with traditional venture capital investments.


Discovering the 'Next Big Thing'

Our diversified portfolio approach increases the chance of uncovering the 'next big thing'. With Phiquest Journey, you're nurturing a range of startup opportunities, not just a single venture.


Max Returns, Min Risks

Phiquest Journey leverages AI and rigorous data analytics to maximize potential returns and minimize risks. With us, you're stepping into a smarter, safer future of startup investing.

C3IP Innovation AI Workflow

Idea Generation and Initial Selection

Trend Analysis: AI algorithms used to analyze vast amounts of data to identify emerging trends in various markets and industries.

Idea Generation: AI tools augment in brainstorming sessions, proposing new combinations and variations based on input data.

Problem-Solution Fit Analysis and Competitor Analysis: AI leveraged to analyze data about the market, competition, and potential customers to identify gaps and opportunities.


Detailed Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis

Customer Interviews and VoC Requirement Gathering: AI-powered transcription services convert spoken words into text, and natural language processing (NLP) used to analyze these transcripts to identify common themes and insights.

Segmentation and Persona Development: Machine learning algorithms used to analyze customer data to identify distinct segments and personas.

Concept Testing: AI can used to quickly analyze the results of concept tests, identifying patterns and preferences among respondents.


 Down Selection for MVP Development

Prototyping and Usability Testing: AI is used in the design process, helping to create and adjust prototypes based on user feedback. AI also supports usability test results to identify areas of difficulty or dissatisfaction.


 MVP Build and Market Validation

MVP Development: AI plays a direct role in the development of the MVP supporting design, coding and testing.

Market Testing and Product Iteration: AI is used to analyze user behavior data during market testing, helping you identify what's working well and what needs to be adjusted.

Customer Feedback Loop: AI is leverage to analyze customer feedback, identifying common themes and areas for improvement.


Product Development and GTM

AI is embedded into the product and support systems to support continuous improvement and innovation throughout the lifecycle of the product.


Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the startup landscape by concurrently incubating multiple ventures, leveraging AI and data-driven methodologies, and focusing relentlessly on customer needs. We aim to provide investors with a diversified, cost-effective, and potentially high-return investment opportunity, and in the process, bring innovative solutions to market that create lasting value

Meet the Team

Backing every startup idea is a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, technology experts, and industry specialists committed to nurturing each idea from inception to successful execution. Their experience, innovative thinking, and proven track record make your investment journey smoother and more reliable

Jeremy Ramos


Kathrin Ramos


Jim Buckley


John Colby

Job title

"We believe in the power of Innovation, Collaboration, Data-Driven Decision-Making, Transparency, and Customer-Centricity." Phiquest Journey Team

Did you know that AI tools have been proven to increase productivity and efficiency by up to 40%? 
We leverage these technologies to produce startups and new products faster and with less risk.

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"Phiquest Journey is turning the tables on traditional startup investing. Our unique model offers an attractive mix of diversity, innovation, and potential high returns."

– John Colby, CFO


Why is this a better investment for investors as opposed to investing in 12 different projects individually?

Investing in Phiquest Journey as opposed to 12 different projects individually offers a few distinct advantages:

1. Efficient Management: Managing investments across 12 different projects can be challenging for an individual investor. It requires constant monitoring, due diligence, and frequent communication with multiple teams. Phiquest Journey takes on this management burden, allowing investors to efficiently channel their resources into a diversified startup portfolio through a single point of contact.

2. Risk Mitigation: Diversifying investment across multiple projects can help reduce risk. However, the C3IP process takes risk mitigation a step further by continuously evaluating and adjusting the portfolio based on real-time market feedback and data-driven decision-making. This ongoing refinement can enhance the portfolio's overall performance.

3. Access to Expertise: The Phiquest Journey team brings a wealth of expertise and experience in startup development, technology trends, and market analysis. This expertise is leveraged across all 12 startup ideas, providing them with a strong support system that they might not have access to if they were invested in individually.

4. Economies of Scale: By concurrently managing 12 startup ideas, Phiquest Journey can achieve economies of scale that individual projects might not be able to. These can include reduced operational costs, streamlined processes, and the ability to negotiate better deals with service providers due to the larger scale of operations.

5. Streamlined Due Diligence: Instead of conducting due diligence on 12 individual projects, investors only need to vet Phiquest Journey. This can save significant time and effort.

6. Greater Potential for Returns: Given the portfolio approach, the potential for high returns from one successful venture can offset losses from others that may not succeed. This enhances the overall potential for a positive return on investment.

How is Phiquest Journey different from other startup investments?

Phiquest Journey sets itself apart from other startup investments in several key ways:

1. Concurrent Innovation Process: The central differentiator is the unique approach to innovation, the Customer-Centric Concurrent Innovation Process (C3IP). This involves evaluating 12 startup ideas concurrently, increasing the chances of uncovering a truly disruptive and profitable venture.

2. Diversified Risk: Traditional startup investing often involves a high degree of risk due to reliance on the success of a single idea or a narrow focus area. Phiquest Journey spreads the risk across multiple startups in various industries, providing a safer investment option with potential for high returns.

3. Use of AI Technology: Phiquest Journey's extensive use of AI technology for decision-making and other key functions allows it to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, and with a higher level of precision than traditional startup investment platforms.

4. Focus on Data-Driven Decisions: Every step of the C3IP process is driven by robust data analysis, ensuring that decisions are informed, objective, and strategically sound. This mitigates many of the risks associated with traditional startup investing.

5. Experienced Team: The team behind Phiquest Journey boasts extensive experience and a proven track record in launching and nurturing successful startups. This expertise adds a layer of security and promise to the investment.

How does Phiquest Journey's model differ from traditional startup investments?

At Phiquest Journey, you don't just invest in a single venture. Instead, we concurrently evaluate and nurture 12 startup ideas using our unique Customer-Centric Concurrent Innovation Process (C3IP). This approach, powered by AI and rigorous data analytics, allows us to maximize potential returns and minimize risks, offering a diversified and safer investment proposition.

What role does AI play in the Phiquest Journey process?

We utilize AI to streamline and optimize our startup validation process. It assists in tasks such as market analysis, customer profiling, competitor analysis, and trend prediction. This enables us to make data-driven decisions, ensuring only the most promising ideas reach the MVP stage.

How does Phiquest Journey manage the risk associated with startup investing?

Phiquest Journey's model inherently diversifies risk by incubating multiple startup ideas concurrently. Furthermore, our AI-enhanced process enables us to effectively validate and select the most promising ideas, enhancing the chances of success. This approach minimizes potential risks typically associated with startup investing. Lastly, Phiquest Journey leverages and existing SaaS platform to reduce the cost of building new products.

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